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Bing Ads Marketing Event Recap- June 9th

We would like to thank all of our guests who attended the Marketing Event hosted by Bing Ads and made the event a huge success! Below is a brief recap of the topics that were discussed during the event.

The main takeaway from this event was “Why Bing?” and how JXT Group can help you succeed when advertising on Bing.

Will Martinez kicked off the discussion discussing how Bing can help your business succeed online.

Why Bing?
  • When advertising on Bing Ads, you have access to the entire Yahoo! Bing Network, which is the combined advertising marketplace consisting of Yahoo, Bing, and related partner sites.
  • You can advertise globally or locally, creating ads that reach customers in a single country or city – even within a specific distance from your business.
  • You only pay for clicks, just when customers click your ad. No click, no charge.
  • There is no minimum fee to advertise on Bing Ads
  • Bing Ads helps drive more clicks to your website at a lower cost
  • Bing powers mobile search experiences (Siri, Cortana)
  • You will get lower cost per lead and per sale when using Bing Ads, compared with other search engines
  • Bing Ads call extensions drive higher user engagement
    • Higher CTR with call extensions (on mobile)
  • Bing is active in 35 countries worldwide
  • There are billions of monthly search queries on the Yahoo! Bing Network
    • 158 million unique searchers on the Yahoo! Bing Network
    • 5.3 billion total monthly searchers on the Yahoo! Bing Network
      • 29% of market share
  • Access exclusive searchers that are not reached on Google

Lindsay Romanelli then discussed how JXT Group, along with the power of Bing, can help you grow your business online.

Why JXT Group?
  • Established in 2009
  • We specialize in Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Comparison Shopping Engine Management and many other forms of Inbound Marketing
  • Personal Service & Results – We make every client feel like they are our only client. We deliver the best results on every campaign we manage.
  • ROI driven campaigns
  • We have clients of all sizes, in all industries
    • eCommerce
    • Lead-Gen
  • JXT Group is a member of Bing Customer Council
  • We are a Bing Ads Certified Agency and a Google Partner
  • We have the backing of our dedicated Account Managers at both Bing and Google

We concluded the presentations with a Q&A discussion where guests asked questions about the presentation, as well as how the topics discussed could be applied to grow their business.

We hosted a raffle at the end of the event where all attendees were automatically entered for a chance to win a Xbox One and other cool Bing swag.  We would like to congratulate Akiva on winning the Xbox One, and Igal and Dilan on winning a Bing duffel bag full of Bing swag.

We would like to thank Microsoft and our dedicated Account Manager, Will Martinez for giving us this opportunity to teach our current and future clients about the value of advertising with Bing Ads. We would also like to thank them for providing us with awesome prizes for the raffle.

If you are looking for real results on your Inbound Marketing campaigns contact us today.

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