Chart Conversion Data In Google AdWords


John Diorio a Product Manager on the Google AdWords team shared this tidbit today:

#AdWords  Friends… a small reporting tidbit… you  can now chart the following 5 metrics in AdWords:  Total Conv. Value, Conv. Value / Cost, Conv. Value / Click and both Value  / Conv ratios.

These values have been reported in Google AdWords for some time. However, Google now added the ability to view this data on a chart.

Source: SERoundtable

Top 5 Tips For Using Offline Marketing To Boost Online Repeat Business

Ben is an entrepreneur on the internet and in the real world. Online he builds online businesses, and offline he invests in real estate. You can follow Ben at his website.

I am sure that you are doing everything in your power to market your ecommerce site to your clients. Email, SEO, AdWords, forum posting, coupons, social media, and more. But what if I told you that your most valuable time spent marketing is directed towards your existing customers. In this article I will cover 5 ways that you can target your existing customers in the offline world.

Here is my 5 point plan:

#1 – Mobile!

Make sure that your website is mobile compatible. It’s ironic that my first suggestion is totally “online,” but the offline world and the mobile world are almost one and the same. People are on their cell phones when they stand in line, wait in traffic, take the elevator, do #2, bored in a meeting, and just about any time we don’t need to focus on something important. So, if your customer sees your company in some offline space, it doesn’t help you to have a great desktop site, because if you don’t make a good first impression on their cell phone, they might not ever come back. Furthermore, mobile e-commerce is ramping up faster than online e-commerce, now making up 4% of total retail sales.

The best way to go about this is to make your website responsive, your web designer can help you with that. Also, Shopify has a mobile ecommerce themes that you can plug-n-play. I’m sure many e-commerce shops have mobile themes you can use.

#2 – Mobile, Again!

Send your customers text messages. Big box retailers are sending text messages all the time to remind customers of sales, or for delivery notifications. Consider using an text reminder service like to schedule texts to be sent out automatically to your existing customers. You can also use to send appointment reminders to remind your customers of important events coming up like holidays and birthdays.
You can send delivery notifications, and marketing messages. You can shorten links with or, and send recipients of text messages hyperlinks to landing pages on your website.

[Disclosure: Author is a founder at Coordinato]

#3 – Coupons

Photo: robayre

Send coupons in the mail. You can use a postcard service like to create a generic coupon for your business, and have them mail it out to your customers; it costs about $0.50 per postcard shipped. This is especially great since you already have your existing ecommerce customers’ mailing addresses.

#4 – Packaging


Invest in your packaging. As an ecommerce shop, you literally reach the inside of your customers’ homes. Take advantage of this by utilizing “smart packaging.” For starters, put your brand on your package. If you have a beautiful logo, then use it. This package will run by postal workers and anyone else in the final household destination. Just because the father made the order, does not mean the son knows where it came from. Amazon is a great example of this. Furthermore, like Amazon, you can print a call to action on the box. Things like, “Rate the product,” “Tell a friend,” will provide dividends for your business in the offline world without very much investment.

#5 – T-Shirts

Giveaway or sell t-shirts. Your customers should be your brand ambassadors. By making a handsome t-shirt that your customers would actually wear (not just as pajamas) can pay off with big time dividends. If you think that this might be too “expensive”, take a look at who your customers are, and cherry pick who receives a t-shirt. By sending a t-shirt to someone “big” in social media, might earn you a Tweet or Facebook post. A local pizza shop in my hometown had a special: 1 slice of pizza, and 1 t-shirt, for $5. Within a few months almost everyone that I knew at school had one of their t-shirts.

Best of luck!

What other offline marketing methods are you using to promote your online business?

5 Ways To Export Products From Magento For Comparison Shopping Engines


Magento is a great platform with a ton of features. However, one issue a lot of merchant run into is exporting their products for the Comparison Shopping Engines (i.e. Google Shopping). I have tested a few different solutions over the years, and here are the top Magento Extensions.


Google Shopping   Magento Extension

#1 – Wyomind Simple Google Shopping

Although it is called Simple Google Shopping, you can use the output file to send to all Comparison Shopping Engines. The three main reasons to love this extension:

  1. It’s relatively cheap at €30 (around $40 USD)
  2. It works with every Magento product type (Simple, Configurable, Grouped, Bundled etc…)
  3. Great support team

When dealing with complicated products, most of the other solutions do not handle them well. Simple Google Shopping gives you the option to pull all child items with the parent URL but still use the child product image and price. It’s very versatile and can handle almost every Magento product mix that I’ve come across.

Download Simple Google Shopping


Data Feed Manager   Magento Extension#2 – Wyomind Data Feed Manager

If you are need a more complex solution with additional options, Wyomind also has a Pro version called Data Feed Manager. This version has many more features and can almost fully replace something like GoDataFeed. It is pretty cheap considering all the features it includes, the price is €80 (about $105).

Download Data Feed Manager



#3 – CPC Strategy Feed Exporter

This is a very simple feed export tool from CPC Strategy. Just pop in the Magento extension and follow the instructions here. This works well for simple products and best of all is free.

Download Feed Exporter


feedpro#4 – GoMage Feed Pro

GoMage has an extension that is similar to Wyomind’s Data Feed Manager. This is also meant to be used instead of software like GoDataFeed or SingleFeed. I haven’t used this one as much, but it work well and is reasonably priced at $189.

Download Feed Pro


Magento 1.6  Google Shopping   Products   Content   Stack Overflow#5 – Manually Export Products With PHP Scripts

If you are comfortable with PHP code, try this script. You just need to make a few changes and upload the file from your Magento server.

Download PHP Script

Back To School Shopping Trends From PriceGrabber Survey [Infographic]

PriceGrabber released this infographic which is based on data from their recent survey of over 2,000 online shopping consumers.

The outlook for the back-to-school shopping season remains positive. With unemployment rate dropping from 8.2 percent in June, 2012 to its current rate of 7.6 percent, shoppers are more inclined to spend than they were in the last couple of back-to-school seasons,” said Rojeh Avanesian, senior vice president of marketing and sales of PriceGrabber. “However, instead of spending on the newest gadgets, shoppers are looking for ways to get the most for their money by looking for deals as well as reusing already owned items before purchasing new ones.


Source: PriceGrabber

AdWords Bid Adjustments Now Displaying In Google Analytics

Earlier this week Google upgraded all campaigns to the new Enhanced campaign type. Since you are applying bids by device or location, you will want to see how that affects the performance of your campaigns…

Well, now you can see that data in Google Analytics. Today Google announced further integration between AdWords and Analytics.

With the new Bid Adjustments report, you can take advantage of the full range of visitor metrics available in Google Analytics to optimize your bid adjustments. This provides a window into your users’ behavior, allowing you to optimize bid adjustments based on behavior & goal conversion data like bounce rate and time-on-site.

In addition, with Ecommerce tracking enabled in GA, you can now use this data to fine-tune your bid adjustments in AdWords based on the actual revenue generated, instead of conversions. This means you can optimize for ROI instead of CPA goals.

A quick example illustrates this (illustrated in the above screenshot). Imagine a hotel chain has set Time bid adjustments of +20% on Saturday and Sunday after observing a better ROI on those days. Using this new report in GA, the hotel chain now observes that their ROI on Sundays is actually higher than on other days of the week. The hotel chain’s analyst finds that customers book more expensive rooms and longer stays on Sundays. Using this information, the hotel chain increases its existing Time bid adjustment for Sundays


AddShoppers Releases Social Login Buttons For eCommerce Websites


AddShoppers released a new feature called the “Social Shopper Login”  which allows customers to login to your site using their account information from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, PayPal or Amazon. Studies indicate that some customers abandon their shopping carts when forced to create an account during checkout.

AddShoppers says that “Social Login eliminates this problem by reducing registration to a couple of clicks.”

The simple fact is shoppers hate registering for new accounts, remembering those passwords, and double checking their entries. Not only that, but they also hate filling out checkout forms (billing address, shipping address, name and email, etc). This results in a large amount of cart abandonment, wrong or unfinished user account creations, and lower margins because of needed remarketing efforts.

With the Social Login Buttons you can allow your customers to create an account with the information stored in their existing social networking accounts. In addition, we’ll pull whatever data is available and pre-fill the checkout fields, reducing the number of “evil”, time consuming form fields that your customers must fill out.

Social Annex is another company that offers a Social Login tool, but they are more of an enterprise tool. AddShoppers is priced for small businesses.

Social Annex   Social Login

Source: Social Annex

Have you tested Social Logins on site? What kind of results did you see?


Get Listed On For Free

Nothing beats free, right? Shopzilla just launched, a coupon code repository. They are currently pulling in coupon codes from all the major affiliate networks. So if you have an affiliate program on the one of the top affiliate networks, you should be listed already. However, there is a way to get listed for free if you are a Shopzilla merchant.

Free Listings

You can submit coupon codes directly to RobotOatmeal and their robot will eat your coupon codes for free so you don’t have to pay a commission on each sale. Just send the following info to

  • Offer Description
  • Coupon Code (unique codes for Shopzilla should start with either “RO” or “SZ”)
  • Start and End Dates
  • Destination URL (landing page and any tracking you’d like to include)
  • Your Store Name and/or MID

Featured Listings

Aside from free listings, they are offering to feature your listing on the home page for free too!

We would love to include your coupons on; if you provide us with a unique coupon code, we’ll try to place you high on the home page of Robot Oatmeal, and give you coverage on our other sites. You’re not required to create a deal that’s unique to us; you can use your existing promos and just make the code itself specific to our sites (unique codes should start with “RO” or “SZ”). If you want to give us an exclusive deal, though, we’d love to have it!