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JXT Group Achieves Google Partners All-Star Status

We are proud and excited to announce that JXT Group was selected as a winner of the 2015 Google Partners All-Stars Competition!

Thousands of leading Google Partner agencies were eligible to compete in the All-Stars Competition.  JXT Group was one of a few agencies that received the All-Star status and were selected to attend the Google Partners Summit at The Googleplex in Mountain View, California.

The Google Partner program is used as a way to distinguish top agencies that follow best practices, reach and surpass performance benchmarks, and have seen continued success and growth in their own business. Not only is it a huge accomplishment to have won the competition, but we are extremely proud and honored to be recognized as one of the top Google Partner agencies. Being selected as a Google Partners All-Star further showcases the hard-work, dedication and effort that we put into helping our customers reach and surpass their goals.

Partners All-Stars 2015 Recap

Menachem Ani and Lindsay Romanelli represented JXT Group at the one day and two night, all-expenses paid (thank you Google!) Summit at Google Headquarters. The event included all-day training with expert industry leaders, a tour of the Googleplex, and a Winning Agency Reception for the Google All-Star agencies.

Tapping into Mobile App Installs and Engagement

Antony Ho, a Product Marketing Manager at Google, kicked off the day by discussing the importance of Tapping into Mobile App Installs and Engagement. One staggering statistic that surprised many people at the Summit was that 95% of new app downloads are abandoned within 1 month, and 20% of these apps are used only once.

Branding in the Digital Age

The second speaker, Jeff Rozic, a Brand Product Strategist at Google, spoke about Branding in the Digital Age and how digital first branding is digital story telling. He shared with the All-Stars that “Consumers choose brands that engage them around their passions and interests 42% more often than those that simply urge them to buy their product” which stresses the importance of connecting with your audience and understanding their needs and desires (2014 TNS Ogilvy Google).

Building Local & Mobile into Your Online Retail Strategy

Another shocking statistic, shared by Gary Sun, Head of Vertical Marketing is that “$970 billion (28%) of US retail sales are influenced by mobile.” Gary’s discussion stressed the importance of using mobile in your online retail plan, especially since there has been an 115% increase in shopping searches coming from smartphones.


One highlight of our day at Google was learning about the capabilities of Cardboard, and we even got our own pair to take home with us! Aaron Luber and Sarah Steele showed some examples of the uses of Cardboard, and how it can be used for brand awareness and advertising.

9 Principles of Innovation at Google

Gopi Kallayil, Cheif Evangelist of Brand Marketing at Google, discussed the 9 principles of innovation at Google. They are as follows:

1. Innovation comes from anywhere
2. Focus on the user
3. Think 10x- think bigger than what you think is possible
4. Bet on technical insights
5. Launch and iterate
6. 20% time- give your employees 20% of time to focus on things they are most passionate about
7. Default to open
8. Fail well- If you don’t fail often, you’re not trying hard enough and pushing boundaries
9. Have a mission that matters

Moments Marketing

Micro-moments have been a popular topic in online marketing. Pablo Slough, Head of Mobile Solutions, gave a thought-provoking lecture about different ways that you can use micro-moments to capture your audience’s attention when they need you the most.

I-want-to-go moments
          2x increase in ‘near me’ search interest
          ◦ 82x use search to find a local business
I-want-to-do moments
          ◦ 70% increase in searches for ‘how-to’ videos
          ◦ 91% use phones in the middle of a task
I-want-to-buy moments
82% use phones in store to make a purchase decision

Using Remarketing to Re-engage Past Site Visitors

Tran Ngo, Associate Product Marketing Manager stressed the importance of remarketing and how remarketing reinforces the effectiveness of search.

Cartoon Powered Marketing

Tom Fishburne, the founder of Marketoonist displayed a collection of the marketing cartoons that he has drawn over the years. These hilarious cartoons really captured the audience’s attention, demonstrating that using cartoons can enhance any marketing strategy with a sense of humor.








On behalf of JXT Group, I would like to personally thank Google for this fun and educational experience. We can’t wait to use all of the innovative techniques that we have learned during the Google Partners All-Stars Summit. Now it’s time to get back to work and start preparing for next year!





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