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A Comparison Shopping Engine, or CSE, is one of the internet’s fastest ways to advertise your products to your ideal audience and we’re sure you have heard of the world’s largest CSE, Google Shopping.

Google Shopping allows you to attract new clients and increase your sales by directly comparing your products to your competitors’ in one easy, accessible view while also increasing awareness of your products and increasing traffic to your site.

Our Expertise

JXT Group has been managing Google Shopping data feeds and comparison shopping engines since the early days of Froogle, (Google’s initial version of Shopping) and has become one of the top leaders in this marketing tool. We’ve watched the trends and optimized our methods as the industry has zig-zagged through the years, and we can help you generate higher conversion rates from your Google Shopping Campaigns.

Our experts will fully manage all your campaigns across all major comparison shopping engines, specifically Google Shopping, which we recommend as the top performer. We also can improve your results with Bing Shopping, Shopzilla, Shopping.com and Nextag, and take advantage of the unique opportunities provided by each of these additional CSEs.

Below is a quick synopsis of the work that we are happy to provide:

Data Feed Syndication

All we need from you is a data feed, or a compilation of the specific attributes that define your product, like price or description . Once we get your data into our system we begin our research and analysis to evaluate the best approach for your Google Shopping campaign. We’ll then splice, dice and syndicate your data feed to each CSE in their required format, optimizing your campaign to ensure you are taking advantage of all CSE best practices.


Taxonomies, or product categories, are essential to a successful campaign. These are based on the attributes established in your data feed but are actual categories rather than values in a text file. Taxonomies help to differentiate your products based on the categories and search terms a user might use, broken down from most generic to most specific.

We expertly create category matching rules for each category in your datafeed and match them to the specific CSE taxonomies to guarantee your products are getting the best placement possible within each CSE.



Now that your data is pumping directly into Google Shopping how do you get high-quality traffic? Bids. Bidding within Google Shopping can vary slightly but in general, these bids can influence the visibility of your product offers. Our knowledgeable team will actively monitor and optimize bids within your data feed or merchant account on each CSE, and then set up complex bidding rules in our system to utilize the system for the best conversion rates possible.

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