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How To Save Money In AdWords With Broad Match Modifier

In the middle of July, Google announced the release of the new Google AdWords Keyword Match Type called¬†Broad Match Modifier in the US. Here’s a quick “how-to” and why you’ll want to use it.

Until now Google offered three match types:

  1. Broad Match
  2. Phrase Match
  3. Exact Match

How & Why?

For some advertisers, Broad Match is too liberal and Phrase Match is too conservative. What Broad Match Modifier brings to the game is somewhere in between. For example, if you had previously wanted to advertise the term “nike shoes” and only have your ad displayed when the search term included the word “nike”, you would have had to use the phrase match terms. This becomes difficult because you need to add many different variations of the terms in order to reach a wide enough audience. With the new Broad Match Modifier, you can now use one keyword: “+nike shoes”. This will display your ad for many variations of the keywords and make sure that it always contains the word “nike”.

Overall, this new feature should save you time and money while helping you expand your reach.

Do you see this helping your business?

Affiliate Marketing & Use Of Brand Name Keywords

Arbitrage Ad Google AdWords

Some affiliate publishers only advertise your brand name to drive traffic to their/your site. This is generally traffic that you would get anyway, because if someone if searching for you, they’ll find you. In most cases, it’s best to create clear guidelines for the affiliates to follow that will excluded this.

Think of it in terms of what this affiliate brings to the table, what are they bringing you that you couldn’t get yourself? If they are just doing click arbitrage where they buy the click for x and sell it for and keep all the money in between, then it’s not worth it. If it is an established website with tons of their own traffic and they promote you on their own site, then they bring something that you can’t create on your own.

Bottom Line

Clearly analyze the bottom line of your affiliate network guidelines and clearly communicate and enforce them.

Image Credit: mary hodder

Get Extra Mileage By Tweaking Your Ad Copy

Ad Serving

Ad Serving

When creating a new campaign, it is always good to create several ads in each ad group. By default Google will serve your best performing ads more often than the others. With a brand new campaign that doesn’t have enough data, I’ve found this to be skewed towards the ads that performed well during the first couple of days. To counteract this, you can set your campaign to display ads evenly for 2-3 weeks so that you can collect a decent amount of data and then switch it back to serve the best performing ads more often.

Ad Copy

You should always put at least three different ad copies in each ad group. Although you know your product the best, you don’t know what people tend to click on. The bottom line is that consumers are hard to predict.

Try using similar ads such as:

Red Shirt – Free Shipping
110% Low Price Guarantee. Order Now.
3 Day Sale. Fast, Free Shipping


Red Shirt – Free Shipping
110% Low Price Guarantee. Order Now.
3 Day Sale, Huge Selection Of Shirts.


Red Shirt – Lowest Price
Large Selection, Authorized Distributor.
3 Day Sale. Fast, Free Shipping.


After a few weeks, see which ads performed better and tweak the others with similar styles. Every few weeks you should rinse and repeat.