How To Test Google AdWords Keyword Positions In Analytics

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Will your ad perform better on the top spot on the left or on the right? Sixth one up from the bottom?

When you link your Google AdWords and Google Analytics accounts, it will track performance of your ads with a lot of detail. One of the things it tracks, is performance by ad position.

Go to Traffic Sources » AdWords » Keyword Positions

In this report you can see all the familiar information such as impressions, clicks, CTR etc… The great thing about this report is the ability to segment by keyword and ad position. If you have Conversion Goals and E-Commerce Tracking set up you can see sales and revenue by ad position as well.

How Do I Know?

You will need to test your ad in a few positions for a couple of weeks each. Make sure you have enough representative data and then run the Ad Position report and see what has performed better.

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    PPC optimize
    December 23, 2010 at 9:08 AM

    Thanks for the idea, but you don’t really share a screenshot of the Analytics page, further…. A big problem with the keyword position report is that while it shows revenue and CTR, there is no way to know the economically best position that maximizes revenue. i.e. it only shows you the revenue generated without knowing the impression share or opportunity cost of choosing a lower position.

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