AdWords Quality Score – What Does it Mean for Your Business

At the heart of it, the internet is meant to serve its users and whether it be on social media perusing the trends of the day, searching for products or providing valuable information during a user’s micro-moments, businesses can take advantage of its benefits.

In the case of Google AdWords, it’s important for businesses to take full advantage of optimizing their ad scores. Each ad that a business creates receives a quality score. The benefits of AdWords are truly seen when ads are rewarded with a high-ranking quality score.

This quality score allows for Google to determine what priority to give to competing advertisers. If you are a business who is using or planning to use AdWords, you must implement a solid plan that helps improve your Google Ad Score. The Ad Score is comprised of our major contributing factors. Let’s take a look at them and how they are interconnected with each other.

Ad Copy and PPC

To the advertiser, the CTR or click-through rate is a key metric to pay attention to. This determines how many users who conducted a search click on your ad. A high CTR can tell Google’s algorithm that you are producing relevant, useful, and helpful ads for users.

Google is going to recognize the advertiser and give them a hearty pat on the back for having PPC ads that meet the user’s needs. Google rewards the advertiser with ad rankings at a higher position and a lower cost.

What does this translate to:

  • Better ROI for the advertiser
  • Relevant results for the user
  • Quality control for Google

Hence, the positive, fulfilling experience users expect and deserve.Remember, Google’s position has always been that their goal is to provide relevant content to its users while harmoniously connecting them to advertisers waiting to fulfill their needs.

Organic SEO and Landing Pages

Organic SEO and landing pages are two of the key factors that weigh in on the AdWords Quality Score. How heavily? Nobody can say for sure due to the nature of the ever-changing Google algorithms.

So, why is organic ranking important to the AdWords Quality Score? First, we need to understand what the organic rank is. The Organic rank lets users know that a site is trusted, relevant or appropriate for their needs. A well-designed website will fair well with Google and will increase the natural or organic rise in rankings. Such a website would require:

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword organization
  • User relevant content
  • User relevant services or products
  • Inbound and outbound links
  • Landing pages with corresponding content

Properly developed and executed landing pages will always correlate to the PPC ads. Therefore, ad text and landing pages with related content will yield an AdWords Quality Score that is healthy.

While there is no easy, neat, clear or precise answer to raising your Quality Score, it’s our hope that you understand the importance of well researched and organized keywords, ad text that correlates, landing pages that add value and most importantly, relevance. There is a reason the experts all proclaim “Content is king!”

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Menachem Ani

Menachem Ani ()

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