Automate Back-Office Processes & Improve Your Margins

Sometimes as a small business owner you can be so engrossed in day to day operations that you don’t have time to think about long term strategy. It is vital to strategize and think about your company’s future.

One of the many things you can do to help your bottom line is automate back office processes. By automating processes or setting procedures for how different scenarios are dealt with you can save time and money.

Say you are printing your orders for your warehouse staff who then pick, pack and ship the items. They now need to either pull up the order in your system or create a shipping label by copy and pasting or typing the name and address into your shipping software. You can eliminate a few steps of this process by creating a queue in system where all orders that are ready to ship will sit, when the warehouse staff is ready they can packing slip with a bar code which can be scanned into UPS or FedEx and automatically pull in the customers information. This can be accomplished by working with your shipping carrier to hook up your system and do a lookup by order number. You can get a cheap barcode scanner for $50 online or just type in the order number.

By no means is this an extensive bible on the subject, but just an example to help you start thinking about your business processes and what you can do to streamline them. The sky is the limit.