Build A Human Relationship With Your Affiliate Marketers

As your affiliate program starts to pick up steam, you will need to constantly be in touch with the affiliates in your network.

Most of your affiliate program revenue will come from the top 20% of the affiliates in your program. It is imperative that these affiliates know who you are by name and have a working relationship with you. To accomplish this, it is a good idea to call them and introduce yourself. At the same time you can let them know that you are available if they have any questions and that you are willing to give extra incentives if they perform well.

After the initial introduction, it is a good idea to be in contact with the affiliate marketers so that you stay top of mind. You can send different emails ranging from “How are you and how can I help you help me?” to “I’ve got a special offer for you”.

Bottom Line

Out of sight is out of mind. You want to maintain a personal relationship with your affiliates to get maximum ROI from your affiliate program.

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