How To Use Comparison Shopping Engines To Build Positive Brand Reputation


Most customers that are satisfied with their purchase from your ecommerce store will not go out of their way to review their shopping experience. It’s usually the customer who’s order got messed up who will go and leave you a review on PriceGrabber, ResellerRatings and the like.


It’s only normal, but what should you do? You need to push your customers aggressively to rate their experience. You can do this by displaying a banner on the order thank you page urging them to leave a review. Most comparison shopping engines provide the code for this.


If you deal with many shopping engines and don’t want to many banners popping up, you can utilize a script like this to randomly rotate a few of the scripts:

<script type="text/javascript">
	var r_text = new Array ();
	r_text[0] = "PriceGrabberCode";
	r_text[1] = "Shopzilla Code";
	r_text[2] = " Code";
	r_text[3] = "Smarter Code";
	r_text[4] = "NexTag Code";
	r_text[5] = "Yahoo Shopping Code";
	r_text[6] = "Or Any Other Site Code";
	var i = Math.floor(7*Math.random())

Code source and explanation:

Aside from a pop-up banner after checkout, it is also a good idea to email all customers once you think they have received their order (3-5 business days from when you ship, or enough time that they will have received the shipment). You can offer them a coupon code or promo for the review, this will help you get more reviews. Just keep in mind that when you offer something in return you cannot offer a promotion for a ‘positive’ review. You can only ask them to rate their experience.

Bottom Line

Your customers love you, but not enough to go through the trouble of finding and reviewing you. Help them, help you.