Making The Most Of Email Marketing

If you are not actively engaging your customers to signup for your site’s newsletter, then your missing out. If you don’t even have a newsletter, then you better get started.

Email Marketing is often overlooked as a marketing channel. If you have a smaller eCommerce site, you may think that you don’t have so many people signed up anyway. If that’s the case, promote your newsletter on your site by offering to send out shopping tips, coupons codes, special sales etc…


You should try to send out an email campaign once or twice a month. This helps consumers become familiar with your brand and they will be more likely to open your email and less likely to hit the ‘Spam’ button.

When sending out your email you should always send from them from the same email address and try to include your brand name at the beginning of the subject. Again, this helps to familiarise the consumer with your brand.

Compelling Call To Action

First and foremost your goal is to get the consumer to actually open the email. The way to do this is by using a great subject. Something that will make someone click. Skip the boring ‘Bob’s Bi-Weekly Newsletter’ and go with ‘Save $10 Off All Orders – 3 Days Only’.

Aside from a great subject, you should make the body of the email as compelling as you can. Offer discounts, instant rebates, rewards. The better the incentive the higher your conversion rates will be.