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Nothing beats free, right? Shopzilla just launched, a coupon code repository. They are currently pulling in coupon codes from all the major affiliate networks. So if you have an affiliate program on the one of the top affiliate networks, you should be listed already. However, there is a way to get listed for free if you are a Shopzilla merchant.

Free Listings

You can submit coupon codes directly to RobotOatmeal and their robot will eat your coupon codes for free so you don’t have to pay a commission on each sale. Just send the following info to [email protected]

  • Offer Description
  • Coupon Code (unique codes for Shopzilla should start with either “RO” or “SZ”)
  • Start and End Dates
  • Destination URL (landing page and any tracking you’d like to include)
  • Your Store Name and/or MID

Featured Listings

Aside from free listings, they are offering to feature your listing on the home page for free too!

We would love to include your coupons on; if you provide us with a unique coupon code, we’ll try to place you high on the home page of Robot Oatmeal, and give you coverage on our other sites. You’re not required to create a deal that’s unique to us; you can use your existing promos and just make the code itself specific to our sites (unique codes should start with “RO” or “SZ”). If you want to give us an exclusive deal, though, we’d love to have it!

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