Google Is Blocking Organic Search Terms In Google Analytics, What Should I Do?

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As reported by many industry followers. Google will now be serving search results for most users on SSL secure secure pages. As a merchant measuring SEO traffic from Google Analytics, this is bad news. This means that you will no longer be able to see what search terms are driving traffic to your site for users who came from Google.

Not Provided… What Now?

Here are some websites, tools and articles I came across that can help you get the most of whatever data Google does provide for Analytics users.

#1 – Not Provided Count Tracker

Keep track of the Not Provided Count by checking They provide you with aggregate numbers from 60+ sites that they are tracking. Visit →


#2 – Not Provided Kit For Google Analytics

The “Not Provided” Kit is a set of simple add-ons for Google Analytics to help you understand what’s happening now that data is absent. It won’t fix the problem, but it may bring other insight around ‘not provided’ visits. Import →

The Kit Includes:

  1. Your Current Percentage: A single-chart dashboard showing your current ‘not provided’ percentage (ie. how much open data remains).
  2. Full Dashboard: A full dashboard of trends for ‘not provided’, including graphs, metrics, and breakdowns by browser, device, etc.
  3. Detailed Report: A more detailed custom report showing full landing page info for not provided traffic.
  4. ‘Not Provided’ Segment: An advanced segment allowing you to see any Google Analytics reports for just ‘not provided’ traffic.
  5. ‘Keyword Known’ Segment: An advanced segment showing any report only where Google organic keyword data was known.
  6. A ‘Not Google’ Segment: This ‘Non-Google’ organic search segment shows you data only where you do have perfect keyword data from other search engines that you can act on.

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#3 – Watch This: Moz Whiteboard

In this special Whiteboard Tuesday, Rand covers what marketers can do to make up for this drastic change, finding data from other sources to stay on top of their SEO efforts. Watch Video →


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