Use Google Checkout To Boost Click Through Rates In AdWords & Base

If you use Google Checkout in conjunction with Google AdWords and Google Product Base (Product Search), you have the ability to connect the accounts in the settings section. When you connect the account Google places a Google Checkout logo on your ad in AdWords. In Google Product Search they show the Google Checkout logo next to your listing and they give the consumer the ability to filter search results by merchants that accept Google Checkout.


Google Checkout Badge: AdWords


Google Checkout Badge: Product Search (Base)
Google Checkout Badge: Product Search (Base)

Bottom Line

Even if only 1% of your customers use Google Checkout, the boost it gives to your click through rate on these marketing channels makes it worth spending time on the integration.

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    Jack Versh:

    Michael, Great article.
    The week i signed up with google checkout, my conversion rate shot up by 0.8% and my CTR on adwords went up by about 12%

    Still trying to get some Google checkout customers to rate us….

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