Great Customer Service Will Lower Cost Per Acquisition

Be good to your customers and they will be good to you. Going the extra mile to make a customer happy can have great long term benefits.


Say your customer ordered the wrong item accidentally, even though you usually charge a restocking fee to recoup your costs of operation, what would happen is you waive that fee? Think of the small dollar loss as marketing dollars. When you make a customer happy, they want to talk about you. That’s the best kind of marketing.

Word Of Mouth

Now that your customer was impressed with your service, they will want to tell their friends about their shopping experience. If you can keep those friends happy, in no time you’ll have a domino effect of happiness.


A happy cutomer is the best customer. When your customer is satisfied with their purchase, next time they need something they will check with you. This will bring down your overall cost per acquisition.

Any article on the subject of Customer Service is not complete unless it mentions the king of wow: Zappos. Zappos went where no company went before, they worked hard and lost money short term, but that money was really money well spent. There are many consumers that will not shop elsewhere, they are Zappos customers for life. That’s the way it should be.

I’m sure that a $920,000,000 payout was good for Zappos too.

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