Our First Jersey Shore Marketing Meetup

We hosted our first Jersey Shore Marketing Meetup yesterday evening, and we’re proud to say that it was a huge success!

Not only did we welcome new members, it was also a pleasure to see familiar faces of local business from along the Jersey Shore.

Aside from our warm introduction, the main focus of last night was an outstanding video presentation which involved many aspects of marketing strategies towards ramping up businesses through the power of online advertising.

We also enjoyed refreshments and food throughout the entire night. Marketing, pizza, and beer seem to be a great combination…

Altogether, our first Meetup was a proud accomplishment for the team at JXT Group and beneficial to everyone! We thank you for joining us in learning more about our passion for online marketing.

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Menachem Ani

Menachem Ani ()

Online Advertising and eCommerce Expert with over a decade of success developing high-impact marketing strategies for online retailers and lead-generation clients.