JXT Group Awarded Google Premier Partner Badge and Specialization

JXT Group is excited to announce that we have been awarded the honor of a Google Premier Partner Badge and Specialization, something which we couldn’t be more thrilled about.

Since forming JXT Group in 2009, it has always been the vision of Founder Menachem Ani to partner with Google and continue to expand and grow the company as he explores all the avenues involved in working so closely with an impressive company such as them.

JXT Group offers search engine marketing and optimization and has a vast knowledge of Google AdWords and Analytics, which over the years the company has continued to expand and refine.

The fact that Google has taken notice and awarded JXT Group a Premier Partnership Badge is a testament to how hard the company has worked and how far we have come the past few years.

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A Brief History

Menachem and JXT Group team have been managing and monitoring Google AdWords campaigns since October of 2000, when AdWords was first introduced. Over the years they have familiarized themselves with Campaign Reviews, Audits, Advanced Research, and Strategic Management.

Originally AdWords launched with just 350 advertisers back in 2000, which is incredible considering today they have millions of companies all competing for advertising space and utilizing their services, whether display ads, Google Shopping Ads, or traditional text ads.


Throughout the years, JXT Group has seen many changes within the AdWords platform and has had to learned to adapt and transform with Google in order to be able to best serve their clients and stay informed on all the latest industry changes and trends.

Innovation and Adaptability: A Hallmark for Success

“Google has always been a company that has pushed innovation and their AdWords platform is continuing to change the way SEM is implemented,” states Menachem Ani, Founder and CEO of JXT Group.

He continued  “As they grow and change, we continue to educate ourselves on these changes and I think that is one of the major factors as to why we were able to obtain our Google Partnership Badge so quickly. We put in the work and it has definitely paid off. For example, when Google decided to drop the right side panel ads, JXT Group was right there to absorb that change and continue to make AdWords work for our clients.”

Whats Next? 

As Google continues to innovate and improve its AdWords and Analytics platforms JXT Group’s plan is to be right there with them, learning and adapting so we can better serve clients and continue to sustain our status as a Premier Partner.

For more information on how JXT Group can help you with your Google AdWords campaigns email us at [email protected]

Menachem Ani

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