Providing online advertising and eCommerce Solutions since our founding in 2009, JXT Group has developed many different service areas to meet our customers’ objectives. Our services include everything from conversion rate analysis and email marketing to search engine optimization and social media marketing. Our team of marketing experts has years of experience helping our clients select the appropriate channel to improve their online visibility. In order to reach prospective buyers that could benefit from our expertise, we are excited to announce our partnership with Clutch, a B2B market research firm based in Washington, D.C.

Clutch’s platform effectively guides the buyer through their process to find an ideal service provider. Companies listed on the site are evaluated and ranked according to a transparent set of criteria, which includes a company’s clientele, work portfolio, and market presence. A Leaders Matrix summarizes this research, giving the buyer an understanding of the top performers in any given industry at a quick glance. Among the other top PPC agencies listed on the site, JXT Group has a profile that succinctly captures our service offerings and company history. Most importantly, attached to each profile are client reviews, which form the crux of the ranking process.

Given the growing number of platforms like Yelp, AngelList, and TripAdvisor, it’s clear that consumers are basing more of their decisions on online ratings and reviews. Clutch found that the B2B sector can also take advantage of this trend. Online reviews are essential for building a strong online reputation, and specifically, can help to instill confidence in businesses that we can meet their expectations.

In one case, JXT Group provided PPC marketing and developed a lead generation campaign for a hospitality business. Impressed that our strategies led to a decrease in the overall cost per lead and bounce rate on their site, the Director of Marketing shared in a direct interview with a Clutch Analyst:

“We feel like we’re getting the attention, and, most importantly, the results are there. We have a results-driven relationship with JXT Group that we haven’t found with other providers.”

In our mission to help businesses reach their maximum potential, feedback from current and past clients are vital in understanding our strengths and areas for improvement. Aside from keeping up to date on all the best practices in online advertising, we want to be able to offer a strong and professional partnership that makes us stand out from the rest. Overall, with Clutch, we’re excited by the prospect of new technical challenges and more opportunities to help businesses grow!

Menachem Ani

Menachem Ani ()

Online Advertising and eCommerce Expert with over a decade of success developing high-impact marketing strategies for online retailers and lead-generation clients.