Linn Systems Announces New Pricing & iOS Dashboard For LinnWorks

Linn Systems, the company behind the popular eCommerce management software LinnWorks, just announced some impressive company milestones. LinnWorks bills itself as an “All-in-one multi channel eCommerce software for businesses of all types and sizes.” Which basically means they provide synchronization services between all the different channels you sell your products on as well as order management.

The company, which was founded in 2008, recently hired its 40th employee. As the company has grown, it has attracted some big name clients such as Blue Inc, DFS, Toyota and Sony Music. Today’s announcement includes some company changes and new product announcements.

Streamlined Pricing

As part of their new strategy, they have implemented new streamlined pricing options. The removed several tiers and are now offering 5 subscription plans which range from free to $590/month.


LinnDash – An iOS Dashboard

Put simply, Linndash is an iOS Dashboard App. “Designed for iOS devices, Linndash offers you the ability to keep track of your sales via a comprehensive dashboard view. With statistics for the last 24 hours and 7 days, it will also compare these figures to the previous equivalent time period, to show the contrast, and the growth that has occurred.”


Improved Partner Directory

They have also improved their Partner directory so you can easily find someone to help with any technical integrations that you require.

Overall it’s exciting to watch companies like Linn Systems and see what they come up with next to make eCommerce easier for retailers.