Maximize Your Productivity With Google AdWords Editor

If you are managing many campaigns with hundreds or thousands of keywords, then Google AdWords Editor is for you.

AdWords Editor is great for many things. It’s main function is to allow you to add/edit multiple campaigns/ad groups/ads/keywords in one shot. It is especially useful for creating new campaigns because your work will not be live until you are done and upload it.

In addition Google AdWords Editor is great for creating backups of specific campaigns or even your whole account. This is useful for times that you need to restructure your campaign but would like to have the ability to go back and reverse your changes at a later date. It can also be used to download campaigns for upload into Yahoo! Search Marketing or Microsoft adCenter.

Plug in to the power of AdWords Editor

AdWords Editor is a free Google application for managing your ad campaigns. Use it to download your account, update your campaigns with powerful editing tools, then upload your changes to AdWords.

  • Work offline, then upload your changes any time.
  • Make bulk changes (such as updating bids or adding keywords) in just a few steps.
  • Copy or move items between ad groups and campaigns.
  • Navigate through your account quickly and easily.
  • Circulate proposed changes and get feedback from other users.

Download Google AdWords Editor