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Search Engine Optimization

The term SEO, or search engine optimization, is often heard these days in the world of digital marketing but it’s more than just a buzzword. Perfecting an SEO strategy that successfully increases website traffic and conversions isn’t something that just anyone can execute but it’s something that JXT Group has mastered.

We know that SEO is central to your business’ marketing plan and we are here to help you accomplish your goals.

The ABCs of SEO:


Our team of SEO experts will review your website and do a thorough analysis and audit of the necessary attributes such as site architecture, mobile accessibility, site speed, as much more. The way your website is structured, how friendly it is to a mobile user, and how quickly your pages load all directly affect your ranking within search engines. JXT Group is extremely well-versed in all of these optimization areas and can provide recommendations and guidelines for the best practices to execute and follow.


Backlinks are an absolutely essential part of your company’s SEO strategy for successful digital marketing.

Backlinks are an external link that directs back to your website. These can be placed in advertisements on social media, affiliate websites, blogs, and directories. JXT Group can help your business get connected with high-quality backlink placements that can help increase your website traffic.


Without a doubt, content is a crucial part of impactful search engine optimization. A key part of SEO strategy is the use of contextual keywords and one of the best ways to include keywords is through well-written, effective content like blog articles and body copy on your actual website pages. Our professionals can provide precise, compelling content that will improve your SEO ratings and build up your website’s ranking.

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