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Search Engine Marketing

JXT Group’s vast experience with pay-per-click and search engine marketing has culminated in decades worth of skill and knowledge, which we enthusiastically apply to each and every digital marketing project that we embark on.

Whether your company or brand requires Google Ads implementation and management or just a friendly consultation, we consider ourselves the utmost authority in the PPC and SEM space and can guide and direct you towards successful returns on all your pay-per-click search advertising investments.

We also specialize in Bing Ads, which has a smaller piece of the search engine market but is continuing to grow and see increased returns and performance.

Quite frankly, we drive results and with our help, your company will see an increase in site traffic and conversions coupled with a steady increase in ROI. In our hands, you can rest assured that your pay-per-click campaigns will be fully managed across all platforms.

Our simple, yet efficient process allows us to fully integrate with your organization and achieve optimal results.

Campaign Review & Audit.

This step is very crucial, as it allows us to obtain a keen understanding of your organization and where important revisions and updates should be made to strengthen the core of your SEM and SEO efforts. This includes identifying key tracking elements, implementing beta features, and utilizing keyword matches, all part of the process of strengthening your all-around PPC efforts.

Campaigns Research & Implementation.

This is where the rubber meets the road. As we roll out your campaigns, we work hand-in-hand with each advertising platform to increase ROI and optimize your PPC ads.

Throughout the process, we communicate and report to your team with status updates and provide key performance indicators and metrics for increased clarity across the board.

Ongoing Campaign Management.

Once we have established a solid foundation for your organization, we will maintain your PPC ads and ensure they are performing at the maximum efficiency levels, driving traffic towards your site, and turning over conversions that you can measure.

We'd love to work with you!