The Future of Marketing – Where Do We Go From Here?

With the speed that technology advances each year, keeping up with

marketing apps, platforms, and best practices is becoming a job all unto

itself. Technology advances on an exponential level, and marketing tactics

and businesses must follow suit in order to stay relevant.

The Future is Mobile

By now, knowing that 4 out of 5 people in the U.S. have smartphones should

be common knowledge. So what does that mean for your business? It

means that all of your content should be automatically geared towards

mobile and providing a fast user experience. No matter what your business,

chances are that people will come into contact with it first through their


This will only increase as time goes on. The challenge is to stay ahead of the

curve and become an early adopter for trends that are emerging. We’ll

explore the main trends to be aware of so that your business will remain

optimized for growth.

Live Video

With the advent of Periscope and Meerkat bursting onto the field, the scene

is hot for live video streaming, especially since Facebook has also joined the


As the technology improves, Facebook will begin rolling out updates to its

software. The implications of this for your business can be extraordinary.

With the use of live video on Facebook, you’ll be able to live stream events

and invite consumers to become a part of your experience.

From a marketing front, this means live interaction and dialogue from your

consumer base with an audience that knows how to use this technology.


You’ll be able to host contests and promote sales or discounts live, allowing

users to interact directly. From a social standpoint, users will soon be able to

invite friends to stream as well, creating a live network. Your business will

have the opportunity to pioneer and develop a network of its own.

Let’s put all of this into an example. Say you’re a local guitar manufacturer

and you’re looking to use live video to promote your brand. You might

challenge consumers to live stream one of their favorite songs for a chance

to win an instrument.

Going even further, you could have a weekly artist showcase by having a live

jam session on social media to promote local talent. The potential is limitless

because you’re engaging with your consumer base in new ways with direct


Location Based Advertising

The whole concept of location and space is being altered thanks to location-

based technology. This means that the delivery and distribution of ads will

change with it. Early adopter ad companies and start-ups are experimenting

with ad delivery based on where consumers are in a specific moment.

This means that if you’re a restaurant specializing in Mediterranean cuisine,

you’ll be able to advertise your souvlaki special to people who are driving or

traveling within a 10-mile radius of you; this technology is dynamic.

If you own an auto shop, you’ll be able to advertise your oil change special

to people driving within a specific radius, directly targeting those who might,

in fact, need an oil change that very minute.

Augmented Shopping

It’s an astounding fact that over half of all customers prefer to look up

product information on their phones in-store before talking to an employee.

As virtual and augmented reality technologies continue to gain hold, so too

will the marketing implications of this technology.

Imagine consumers being able to shop in their favorite store without actually

having to go to the store, or even picking out groceries from home. With VR,

you’ll be able to provide your customers with a total new experience.

You’ll be able to give them sneak previews of certain items, tease certain

events, or even give customers the experience of using one of your products

before they even buy it.

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The best non-profit organizations market their cause based on sharing the

impact of their work and the members who make it possible. Charity Water

is an excellent example of marketing done right for a non-profit; they show

the direct impact of people’s work through hard numbers and visuals.

With the implementation of augmented reality, organizations such as Charity

Water can bring donors and members one step closer by actually showing

them the environment they’re making an impact in.

Instead of a photo showing a location in which Charity Water has made an

impact, this technology can allow a user to meet people in the indigenous

areas that the charity works in.

This means you’ll have an opportunity to bring your business directly to

consumers, without having them to come to you.

Promote your brand, connect with your consumers, and become successful.

A New Experience

The future of marketing is in providing consumers with first person

experiences. The line between traditional advertising and the medium will

fade, and advertising will become full, immersive dialogues between the

brand and the consumer.

Keeping aware of the trends listed here will give you great

insight into which technologies to pay attention to in the coming months and


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