With the explosive growth of Digital Marketing over the last five years, businesses and industry professionals are constantly looking for the next best piece of software to help them manage campaigns and content.

As the technology evolves, more tasks can be handled autonomously, giving marketers some breathing room amongst the chaos of the marketing frontier.

Below, JXT Group takes a look a variety of apps that are making the daily grind a little easier as well as giving users the freedom to customize how they want to approach their marketing strategy.


Hubspot is arguably the top dog when it comes to inbound marketing and customer management or CRM. With a wide variety of options available and an inexpensive option for small businesses, Hubspot is a top contender on this list.

Hubspot offers a complete package of options including real-time monitoring, consumer engagement, social media management and scheduling, blogging, and the ability to create custom landing pages and forms. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Users who fully take advantage of Hubspot will learn the science of inbound marketing, a science that has proven to increase sales up to 30%.

Its platform is attractive due to its all-in- one solution. Broken down by three tiers: basic, professional and enterprise, Hubspot’s simple yet comprehensive application makes it easier for businesses of all sizes to utilize its benefits.


One of the top contenders to Hubspot, Marketo’s services are offered in a bit more complex package. The platform’s services are broken down into four areas: consumer engagement, real-time personalization, marketing automation, and marketing management.

One of the big benefits of Marketo’s service is its deep integration with Salesforce, being built around the same platform. Marketo offers itself with a bigger emphasis towards medium to large size businesses, as its pricing is not as affordable as competitor Hubspot’s entry level packaging.

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Marketo specializes in custom built solutions for enterprises, meaning that a higher level of marketing technology knowledge is required. However, with this ability, it’s easier for larger companies to make extremely detailed marketing campaigns with this software.


When speaking of Salesforce integration, it doesn’t get much better than Pardot, which was acquired by Salesforce. If Salesforce is the blood of your CRM, then Pardot will allow full integration with the platform.

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Pardot is relatively customizable depending on your goals. You can customize emails, target campaigns based on specific demographics, and can automate drip campaigns seamlessly.

One of the great aspects of Pardot is the ability to see leads and prospect activity easily on the platform. If your prospect makes a move or visits your page, you can easily send out a message with just a click.

Google Analytics and AdWords Suite

Taking a step away from CRM, Google’s advertising suite is a robust tool for businesses. 2016 is an even bigger year for GoogleAnalytics with numerous changes in the works. We’ll start seeing more integration with Google Maps and location-based targeting in the latter half of 2016, along with changes to the bidding structure.

Google Analytics is the ultimate tool for your website user data. Google has made seeing your user flow even easier with visual flow charts to show activity.

Even as a free tool, Analytics provides deep insight into user geographic location, acquisition data and much more. The Google advertising suite is a top choice for monitoring your website activity in 2016 and continues to innovate.

These choices are a great way to introduce advertising, lead acquisition, and analytics into your workflow. If you haven’t been tracking your customer acquisition and user flow for your digital projects, it’s about time you got started.

Amongst the sea of digital marketing apps these are the top tier choices right now, tomorrow a new bevy of choices could go live and we would all have to learn and adapt quick!

With that said, JXT Group is available for consultation and advice in the digital marketing field, we know it can be a little overwhelming, that’s why we are here to help.

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