Tomorrow is two years since I published the first post on eCommerceCircle. A lot has changed since then… I have since dropped the pseudonym Michael J. Kaye and started using my name, Menachem Ani. During this time I stopped spelling “E-Commerce” with a dash and switched to the easier “eCommerce.”

Over the past couple of years I have added some new sections, such as:

  • eCommerce Links – a roundup of eCommerce links from some great eCommerce blogs
  • eCommerce Resources – a directory of useful eCommerce tools and services
  • Subscribe Via Email – ability to receive the latest posts via email

As always, you can view a full list of posts on eCommerceCircle on our sitemap.

eCommerceCircle would be nowhere without people reading it… So thanks to all my readers who brought this site from zero to 10,000 monthly pageviews. Hopefully that number will keep growing…

Thanks for reading and please let me know what eCommerceCircle is to you…

Menachem Ani

Menachem Ani ()

Online Advertising and eCommerce Expert with over a decade of success developing high-impact marketing strategies for online retailers and lead-generation clients.

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