Why Use Live Stories on Instagram and Facebook?

Going LIVE

In today’s business market, having a social media presence is huge! Creating great content and posting often is just half the battle, but not enough. People will follow your brand for many reasons, but the biggest reasons are to connect with a brand and see what the brand is all about!

That being said it is important to show off your brand from different angles. To do so businesses should utilize one of Facebook & Instagram’s newest features, “Live Stories”.

Loving LIVE

Live Stories allows accounts to post live content that can be streamed for as long as desired and once the live stream is over it will be preserved on the account’s story for 24 hours. Streaming live stories have shown to be a great way to give followers an experience without actually having to be at an event. This is a great feature for reaching out to not only the people that couldn’t make it to the event but also the people that couldn’t take the time to watch the live stream when it actually happened! Giving followers this type of experience helps to grow the relationship between brands and their following.

By developing better connections, followers will feel more like they are a part of the brand, it’s message, and it’s lifestyle, which has been linked to an increase in sales for numerous companies!

If you’d like to see some examples of Instagram stories follow us!

Ian Bowne

Ian Bowne ()

Ian Bowne is a marketing ninja who grew up in New Jersey and graduated from Sacred Heart University. In his spare time, he enjoys playing ice hockey, surfing, and going for long walks on the beach.