Amazon Launches ‘Login & Pay With Amazon’ To Challenge PayPal Checkout

Amazon announced the launch of a payments system to rival PayPal Checkout called Login and Pay with Amazon.

By using Amazon Payments, mercahnts can tap into the hundreds of millions of Amazon customers with credit cards on file and provide them with an easy and safe checkout.

Amazon Payments include many features such as:

  • Identify Amazon buyers at login. When they login with Amazon, you get the customer’s name, email address and zip code so you can create an account and personalize their checkout experience. Hundreds of millions of online shoppers can now register with your site using their Amazon account.
  • Mobile-ready. Let your customers buy easily on their phone. Offer them a hassle-free way to pay on smartphones and tablets with no extra set-up for you. Offer a seamless mobile payment experience across devices including Kindle, iOS and Android. Learn more >
  • Help increase conversion with fewer clicks. Capture sales you might otherwise miss from buyers reluctant to register for an account or enter credit card information. Your customers can breeze through checkout without ever leaving your site. Help increase sales by offering them a familiar payments option they know and trust.

The pricing fees are pretty simple too:

Monthly Average Transaction VolumePercentage of TransactionPer Transaction Fee
$100,000 and more1.9%$0.30

Find out more about Amazon Payments here.

Menachem Ani

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