The Top 7 Most Underestimated AdWords Tools

Google AdWords is an essential tool for any marketer. It can help capture critical keywords to put a company on the top pages of search results, and it can help increase conversion rates by driving an already-interested audience to its website.

Using AdWords is a bit of an art. There are many tools, both supported by Google and third-party developers, that can help slice and dice the data from AdWords to track your progress and strategize for the future. This list looks at some of the most underrated tools for AdWords out there that can help take your search engine marketing game to the next level.

Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions is a useful Google AdWords tool for including even more information on your ad listings, helping target customers more easily follow up and engage with your business. There are several extension tools available – such as call extensions, review extensions, and social extensions – that make it easier for customers to learn more about your business and connect with it directly.

Using extensions strategically means increasing the likelihood of converting interested leads by providing them with a simple, one-click step through to the next phase of the sales conversion pipeline. The whole point of using AdWords in the first place is bringing leads into that pipeline, and extensions facilitates those leads taking the next steps.

AdWords Performance Grader

AdWords Performance Grader, a tool by WordStream, serves as a pay-per-click analyzer that generates detailed reports of your AdWords strategy. Tools like AdWords Performance Grader are essential to reflecting on your strategy, both what works and what doesn’t. This type of intensive review is critical to refining your strategy and boosting conversion rates and return on investment.

AdWords Performance Grader not only shows your current click-through rate, but also estimates the amount of wasted dollars you’ve left on the table. The program will tell you whether you’re on track to meet your goals and offer recommendations to optimize your AdWords strategy further.

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Every marketer needs a good way to capture and store data on qualified leads. Your Google AdWords strategy is only as good as your ability to collect the data of the leads your strategy is generating, and Convertible is a free third-party tool that serves as your personal landing page.

When leads click through your ad, Convertible captures their location, past visits, pages they’ve viewed, and how much time they spent on the site. After collection, this data is stored online, where you can sort it and craft a strategy that accommodates your typical visitor’s needs.

Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic Remarketing is a Google AdWords tool that targets specific customers advertisements based on their web visits to pages based on related goods and services. In other words, Dynamic Remarketing delivers personalized advertisements to relevant, interested consumers, increasing the chance that you will be able to achieve a conversion.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

Much like Dynamic Remarketing, RLSA targets customers that have already visited your website. It works by optimizing your existing campaigns by bolstering your desired keywords with the added element of targeting visitors that have visited specific webpages before. Again, this is a way to deliver advertisement content to leads that have already expressed interest in your products or services based on their web activity.

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Search Network with Display Select

This Google AdWords tool employs predictive algorithms to determine when advertisements will perform best. While this tool tends to present your advertisements to a smaller group of consumers, these consumers tend to be interested and motivated parties that are more likely to click through and/or convert.

Google states that marketers that employ Search Network with Display Select can expect a 35 percent higher click-through rate and a 35 percent lower cost per customer purchase. In other words, this tool is a great way to boost your ROI by targeting qualified leads.


Soovle is a third-party tool that is extremely helpful when brainstorming keywords and phrases to target. By aggregating data from top search engines, Soovle offers autocomplete suggestions for any keyword you can think of, granting you insights into search terms your audience is querying. Oftentimes, these terms aren’t what you’d expect.

Soovle helps you compare and contrast what audiences are searching for on different platforms. This grants you both the ability to target the proper platform where your audience is most frequently active, as well as tailor your messaging on a platform-by-platform basis.

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