Google AdWords Expanded Text Ads: Everything You Need To Know

Google has unveiled a variety of changes in 2016, from core SEO implementations to algorithm updates, but the biggest update of the year so far may be the new Google Expanded Text Ads.

The new Expanded Text Ads will allow digital marketers and teams working with Google AdWords to have twice as much copy text within their ads. This will allow for ads to have longer headlines and more descriptive ad text, which optimizes the ads and pushes Google’s “mobile first” agenda even further, and we must say, we love it! More text could mean more powerful and effective ads.

The Times Are Changing

Google has said that this latest update is one of the biggest changes in the last 15 years, possibly even bigger than when they decided to kill off the right side SERP text ads.

As Google continues to transform its platform and provide a seamless experience on mobile and desktop, more and more changes will be implemented. As long as it provides more optimization and greater value for our marketing dollars, we’re all in!

Bigger is Better

Google’s current character limit, the ol’ 25-35-35, is now expanding and giving way to a new 140 character limit, which is the same limit that Twitter currently allows for. We have to wonder if Google’s previous update of indexing Twitter posts has anything to do with the new format.

The new limit will allow for more keyword insertion, more ad context, and longer messages that can start pulling on the interests and heartstrings of users placing searches. Headlines are also expanding and introducing two 30-character limit separate headlines that will be available upon launch.

Google AdWords Expanded Text Ads

Optimize and Improve

This latest update means that marketers can now utilize more copy to really create profound messages and get the most bang for their buck, however, it is still important to have some standard SEO and AdWords practices in place that can really make AdWords efforts more effective. This includes:

  • Optimized Organic SEO: Having healthy organic SEO will directly impact the cost and success of Google AdWords campaigns and increase ad rank.
  • AdWords Enhancements: Make sure to include ad enhancements like callouts, locations, phone numbers, and site links to improve your ad score.
  • Create Targeted Ad Groups: Instead of focusing on users placing broad searches, focus your efforts on targeted groups and utilize multiple ad sets to reach them.

Adapt, Create, Repeat

As Google continues to expand and transform its AdWords platform, it is a good idea to really keep on top of the latest trends, changes, and updates. Google’s changes almost always result in improved experiences for users and advertisers and JXT Group will continue to provide our customers with the latest information and advice that will them maximize their efforts.

As marketing grows and expands, we feel it is our duty to provide our customers with solid information and knowledge about the future of digital marketing!

Menachem Ani

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